The Secret Lives of Sports Fans

What happens in your brain when you watch sports? Why do so many people return to something that so often leaves them heartbroken, angry, even violent? The Secret Lives of Sports Fans turns to neuroscience, psychology, endocrinology, evolutionary biology — and one sensitive man in an Oakland Raiders gorilla suit — in a search for the roots of a universal passion.

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Darwin Slept Here

Published on Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday, an adventure across modern mainland South America that chases the places, people and politics that inspired the great naturalist. Freed from his apparent destiny as a rural clergyman, the twenty-something Darwin seized his opportunity on the Beagle in a glorious curiosity binge. After five years of travel he never left England again, but the echoes of his trip live on in stories swapped in twenty-first century hostel dorm rooms. Darwin Slept Here rides with Darwin from the tumbling jungles of Brazil to the icy glaciers of Tierra del Fuego and out the flame-broiled edges of the Chilean desert. At its heart is a fundamental question about the nature of outdoor adventuring: how — and how much — does travel change us?